Awesome Cars W7 themes [official Microsoft Content]

As previously said, we encourage you to go and have a look at Microsoft Official Visual Styles for Windows 7. 

You will find dozens of really nice themes.

For example : if you are an absolute fan of FERRARI like Luigi in Pixar's CARS animation movie, you should be happy to know that there is one special theme for you.
Alternatively if you prefer PORSCHE racing at the 24 hours of LE MANS there is one for you too.
We have also added another example below with the brand INFINITY.


Download link only on Microsoft Official Web Store :

Ferrari Visual Style for Windows 7

Porsche Visual Style for Windows  7

Infinity Visual Style for Windows 7


Windows 8 VS for Win7

If you want to see how the future could be like ...
you have to try this new visual style in the "Windows 8 to be" series.
fresh blue. It feels quite light.

As always a big thank you to the author : =fediaFedia

Download link + explanations with this link :  Windows 8 VS for Win7

Licence :  Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

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