Nice sets of Logon Orbs

Whilst surfing, I found a few nice sets of Orbs. Enjoy.
Once again : Thank you to all of the authors for sharing their artwork with us.

1/  If you love Apple BUT bought Windows 7 by mistake ;-), here is a nice set by  ~ToXXiNDesign     Info + download link for the Apple Orbs



2/ Another nice set of marine orbs by   xFino      Info + download link for the marine orbs

marine orbs


3/ For BMW fans (there are lots of them out there) : by  ~lysy1993lbn   Info +  Download link ofr BMW orbs



4/ For Android users who are worried about using a REAL computer at home ... Orbs by  ~MyNameIsColeB   Infos + Dowload link for Android orbs

5/ A nice white Windows Orb.  Orbs by  ~MyNameIsColeB   Infos + Download link for white windows 7 Orb

6/ And another really nice one by ~troubada     Info + Download link for this trisphere start orb




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