Windows 7 Ultimate II


Really nice theme for windows 7...far far away in space...;-)
The proud author is :RfSouza

The download link is  HERE  for 1900x1200 :  


2011 Tropical Fish Calendar Windows 7 Theme



tropical fish Windows 7 Image 1


 tropical fish Windows 7 Image 3

Description : The 2011 Tropical Fish Calendar Windows 7 Theme is based upon underwater photos taken on dive trips in Indonesia (Lembeh Strait, Raja Ampat, Bali, Wakatobi and Banda Island).
There are 12 background images taken from our 2011 Tropical Fish Calendar that rotate every 30 minutes in the theme.
This is a high resolution Windows 7 Theme that will fit onto nearly all desktop and laptop screens running a Windows 7 operating system. 

Author : Bob from

Windows7 comment : Superb tropical fish pictures. So colorful ! Rarely seen such high quality pictures on a Windws 7 Themes. Professional work. Many thanksto the author !!

 Download : click here to download the 2011 Tropical fish calendar Windows 7 Themes


Energy Flow: Windows 7


Creative Commons License
Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
Really nice theme from  Gyppi

Nice sets of Logon Orbs


Whilst surfing, I found a few nice sets of Orbs. Enjoy.
Once again : Thank you to all of the authors for sharing their artwork with us.

1/  If you love Apple BUT bought Windows 7 by mistake ;-), here is a nice set by  ~ToXXiNDesign     Info + download link for the Apple Orbs



2/ Another nice set of marine orbs by   xFino      Info + download link for the marine orbs

marine orbs


3/ For BMW fans (there are lots of them out there) : by  ~lysy1993lbn   Info +  Download link ofr BMW orbs



4/ For Android users who are worried about using a REAL computer at home ... Orbs by  ~MyNameIsColeB   Infos + Dowload link for Android orbs

5/ A nice white Windows Orb.  Orbs by  ~MyNameIsColeB   Infos + Download link for white windows 7 Orb

6/ And another really nice one by ~troubada     Info + Download link for this trisphere start orb



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